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How to Permanently Erase Data (reset, data wipe) from a donated Cell Phone

Wiping data from a cell phone or tablet is important when giving away or trashing a device. This is common knowledge, what is not so common is how to wipe it to its original default settings. The original default settings sets it up to what it looked like when it was brand new without any personal data or added apps.

Due to security and privacy concerns, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to wipe a device for someone to wipe a device for someone who is NOT the owner of the device. In the past, we have wiped donated cell phones as a service for donors who are not familiar with wiping a cell phone.

Unfortunately, we need to discontinue this service due to the phones security features.

How to Wipe:

You can also go to your favorite Search Engine and find "How to wipe an xxx phone".


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